History of the Coke Plant

The Mills family

The Mills family brought an exciting, highly anticipated economy boost when they opened the original Coca-Cola bottling company in Bogalusa. The new two story building made of brick and steel was built for $35,000.00 in 1930 and replaced the old one that was on the lot adjacent to the current one.

Magnificent Addition

Being one of only 1200 bottling and production facilities, it was considered a “magnificent” addition to the city of Bogalusa. The plant was in operation until 1985.

After the plant

After its close, a few individuals occupied the space for various business ventures throughout the years. The building sat lifeless for years and was inevitably decreasing in value due to abandonment.

In December of 2020

In December of 2020, the depreciated property was purchased by Blackstone Properties Co. of Louisiana. The owners of Blackstone, Bernie and James Brennan weren’t sure what they’d turn the collapsing, abandoned site into.

The Magic City

They were however determined to bring back a little magic to Bogalusa, known as “The Magic City”. After months of deliberation the pair decided that a premiere wedding and event venue is what the city needed. Renovation began in January of 2021 and the brand new, one of a kind facility was opened for business in March of 2023. March is proving to be a significant month for the coke plant, the original opening date was March 26, 1930. 93 years later a historical icon has been given new life and will make the perfect atmosphere for weddings and events of all kind!